“If the building is put central and all the information about that building can be found in one place, what happens when you need to share or change the information?”

LOEK! is not just an idea. This brand-new view of building management was prompted by over 30 years of practical experience. It originated from the idea that a lot of time, money and energy could be saved if all parties were able to work together easily.

The inventor and founder Kees van Iwaarden, 53, began his career almost 30 years ago as a chemical analyst with a roof lining manufacturer. As a salesman for roof renovation projects, he was in daily contact with housing associations, municipalities, landlords and tenants. Later on, as the owner of his own roof covering business, his contacts also extended to investors and property managers.


Duplicate work
What did he find most frustrating? A lack of communication in the chain and duplicate work. “I saw that everyone was typing in information into their own system, for instance about a leak. This not only involves a loss of information, but also is a huge amount of work. What is the common element among all of those parties? The actual building. Why don’t we save the information there? Why don’t we make it so that everyone can easily share the information with each other?”


Smarter collaboration
And so loekonline.nl was born – a digital building file where all information about your buildings is stored. You can easily share the information with partners in the same network. It is connected to a secure blockchain network, so that your data cannot be hacked and everyone always has the latest information. It has a convenient community where not only you’ll find apps, but also a contract application and extensive search engine for finding suppliers.


From now on, LOEK! let’s you work together more smartly, share your files, draft contracts and search for new suppliers.

In a nutshell, LOEK! proves that building management can be a whole lot smarter.

Kees van Iwaarden - gebouwenbeheer - building management

Kees van Iwaarden

LOEK! introducing

Curious about the people behind LOEK !? Meet the team.

Kees van Iwaarden



Frank Ruitenga

Project Manager


Shanoe Biere

Senior Tester


Vikas Pandey

Lead .NET Developer


Renee Suzanne Koopmans

Manager Marketing & Communication


Sharon Tenda

Jr. Marketing & Communication Adviser


Karim Mouloudi



Jelle Kruithof

Microsoft Azure Support