Why LOEK!?

We know that building management can be smarter – much smarter. By keeping the information about the building within the building and not scattering it among different parties, you can collaborate in a more flexible, fast and transparent manner, thereby saving time, money and energy – not to mention the handy benefits you gain.

Alle informatie overal en altijd toegankelijk - information
All information accessible at any time and place

At LOEK! the focus is fully on your building. You simply store all information about your building in a single online location: the digital building file. As a result, you have all relevant information at hand at all times.

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Slim samenwerken met je zakelijke partners - collaboration
Smart collaboration with business partners

You easily and simply determine who you want to share files or documents with. In turn, your business partners can share information with you. This way, the digital building file is filled with information collected from all parties affiliated with the building. It enables you to work together faster, more efficiently and smarter.

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Veilig in de blockchain
Safe in the blockchain

LOEK! is connected to a blockchain; a network of computers linked to each other online, each of which contains a transaction database. Think of it as a logbook that stores exactly the same information. What this means is that you can always see whether or not a document or data file is original. You avoid endless unnecessary discussions because everyone sees the same document or file.

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Online community
Online community with lots of benefits

Once you have created an account, you log in and a whole new world opens up to you. It is an incredibly convenient world with a huge app store, for instance, full of apps that will make your life a little easier.

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Slimme contracten - smart contracts
Creating and managing smart contracts

LOEK! has developed a special contracts application that allows you to create and manage contracts quickly and easily. These are recorded with an electronic ‘fingerprint’ in the blockchain, so that no one can make any changes.

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koppelen met API’s - connecting with APIs
Smartly connecting hardware and software with APIs

LOEK! is an API-based platform, which means you can easily connect your own hardware and software to the digital building file. It also means you can actually save all information about your building in one place.

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