Why LOEK!?

We know that building management can be smarter – much smarter. By keeping the information about the building within the building and not scattering it among different parties, you can collaborate in a more flexible, fast and transparent manner. Thereby saving time, money and energy – not to mention the handy benefits you gain.

Alle informatie overal en altijd toegankelijk - LOEK!
Slim samenwerken met je zakelijke partners - collaboration - LOEK!
Veilig in de blockchain - LOEK!
Online community - LOEK!
Slimme contracten - smart contracts - LOEK!
koppelen met API’s - connecting with APIs - LOEK!

Online community with lots of benefits

Once you have created an account, you log in and a whole new world opens up to you. In this extremely convenient world, you can take advantage of an extensive app store. Or create your own online community with all business partners involved with your building, and lots more.

Why is that convenient?

We offer you an extensive search engine that lets you quickly search for companies based on all kinds of specific characteristics. Suppose you own or manage buildings in different areas of the Netherlands and need local or regional consultants, contractors and fitters. You’ll find them with the search engine. You then invite them to connect with the digital building file. This makes it extremely simple for partners who, for instance, inspect or maintain your buildings to share their information about the building with you. This saves a lot of time and makes it considerably easier to share information. If one of your business partners has not yet registered with LOEK!, you can simply invite them to do so.

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