Why LOEK!?

We know that building management can be smarter – much smarter. By keeping the information about the building within the building and not scattering it among different parties, you can collaborate in a more flexible, fast and transparent manner. Thereby saving time, money and energy – not to mention the handy benefits you gain.

Alle informatie overal en altijd toegankelijk - information - LOEK!
Slim samenwerken met je zakelijke partners - collaboration - LOEK!
Veilig in de blockchain - LOEK!
Online community - LOEK!
Slimme contracten - smart contracts - LOEK!
koppelen met API’s - connecting with APIs - LOEK!

All information accessible at any time and place

At LOEK! the focus is fully on your building. You simply store all information about your building in a single online location: the digital building file. As a result, you have all relevant information at hand at all times.

Why is that convenient?

Suppose you have an upcoming meeting with your contractor and quickly need your building plans. Simply log into the file and retrieve them. You’ll find not only the plans in the file, but also all permits, quotations and past orders. Imagine the time this saves in searching, emailing, researching and scanning!


What do you need to do?
Create a free account with LOEK! You can then simply and safely upload your documents to the digital building file. You determine which documents you want to share with whom. No more having to save your documents in various online and offline folders! They are all safely stored in one place.

Yes, I want to create a free account