Why LOEK!?

We know that building management can be smarter – much smarter. By keeping the information about the building within the building and not scattering it among different parties, you can collaborate in a more flexible, fast and transparent manner. Thereby saving time, money and energy – not to mention the handy benefits you gain.

Alle informatie overal en altijd toegankelijk - LOEK!
Slim samenwerken met je zakelijke partners - collaboration - LOEK!
Veilig in de blockchain - LOEK!
Online community - LOEK!
Slimme contracten - smart contracts - LOEK!
koppelen met API’s - connecting with APIs - LOEK!

Creating and managing smart contracts

You’ll find a special contracts application in the app store. Here you can easily enter into electronic contracts with other business partners from your online community, including management, rental, service, inspection and maintenance contracts.

Why is that convenient?

You can find various templates in the contracts application that allow you to easily draw up a contract. You and your contract partner can sign this electronic contract and store it safely in the digital building file. Since a ‘fingerprint’ is immediately saved in the LOEK! blockchain network, no one is able to make any changes without the other person seeing this. This prevents any disagreements afterwards about the content of a contract. You can be sure about what you have agreed with each other. Since a contract is saved in the digital building file, you never lose your contract. You no longer need to email it either, saving a huge amount of time.

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